Zenit-ET 1st Roll

Finally I got the result from my second roll, this time shot with zenit-
ET + Fujicolor 400.

From this second roll i came to some conclusions:

1. Film photography is very challenging I must say. I salute those who
shoot film (and produce great pictures) out there.

2. The surrounding and lighting condition should be evaluated before
you press the shutter so that your photos wouldn't turn out dull or
too grainy.

3. ASA 400 film is best used indoor or in low light situation.

4. Film slr esp vintage one like this zenit can give a vintage look to
your photos even without photoshop.

5. Film photography gives u the satisfaction which can't be achieved
by digital technology. U should try to know why.

And last but not least.

6. I need to grab some more m42 lenses before i go back to Malaysia.heh!

ok..enough talks..enjoy the photos. Comments and critics are mostly appreciated.

P/s: of course i only displayed the selected ones in this blog. You
can adore the rest