Housemanship During My Time - Chicken Soup For Our Soul

A reminder for fellow colleagues and myself.

Recently I read a status update of a Facebook user, a doctor herself about a houseman's parents, who threatened to sue the hospital. The reason being their daughter, who currently pregnant had fainted in ward, while doing her job as a trainee doctor. The FB user then shares her experience, about her too getting pregnant during the housemanship and had an abortion. She also wrote about a colleague of her, who in her late pregnancy had an abruptio placenta (a complication) and the baby was not survived..also during housemanship.

The post get a lot of responses. Most of them condemned the houseman and her parents. Some shares their similar experiences, some even blame the lady doctor for getting married and get pregnant so soon, before the 2 years of hardship period ended. To sue the hospital maybe not the best action for the parents, but to expect other people to have had bad experiences as us experienced before is wrong too.

Yes, some years ago housemanship training was hard. My specialists and MOs always share their stories. They got scolded, got folders thrown at them, get yelled in front of patients and other colleagues, some even got physically abused. One of my specialist's friend is still under psychiatric follow up due to mental and physical stress he went through. Me myself had some, if not all of the experienced. We work overtime, wake up early in the morning even before the sun rises and go back late, after dawn. Sometimes we had to work for 36 hours straight. The shift system was not implemented until recently.

We all went through it, but do we want future generations to have similar experiences? If we went through hell 'during our time' doesn't mean that other people have to go through it too.

The phrase 'during my time' works, as a good reminder, to us, to the new generations, about how hard things were. But don't let it become a hindrance for an improvement. Time has changed, the system has changed and keep on changing. We must open our heart, strive for better. Let bygones be bygones. They are our juniors and it is our responsibility to teach them, to build their character, so that they become a good doctor and together we deliver the best service to all.

Suka entri ini? Kliklah mana-mana butang di bawah untuk kongsi dengan rakan yang lain pula.heh!