My Photos On Others' Website.

Its interesting to see how my photos used on other people's website. Some of them are used out of context. For example these photos below:

The photo of babushka was taken in 2010, however it is used current article depicting current Russia's economic turmoil.

The picture of boats was taken in Tok Bali, Malaysia however it is used on a Bali Travel website. Bali, Indonesia. Maybe the author got confused between these two places. Or maybe Malaysia is as beautiful as Bali, heh!

Nevertheless, it is good to see your images featured in other people's websites, like these:

My photos are also used on Rusian, Italian, Czech and German websites:

You can visit the websites by clicking respective photos.

For me, it is an appreciation to see your artwork used by others. I don't get any payment for the photos (a photos with creative common licence can be used by anybody, as long as they put a credit to the photographer), but it kinda lift my spirits. Maybe I should not retire from photography, not just yet.

If you are interested to see my other works, you can visit my website or my Flickr.

Till then. Have a nice day.

Suka entri ini? Kliklah mana-mana butang di bawah untuk kongsi dengan rakan yang lain pula.heh!